wowie zowie

5 May 2013

david bowie
live in berlin 2002

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Love Is Lost

Răspunsurile lui David Bowie la chestionarul lui Proust

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  1. the next day | Catchy / 8 May 2013 10:44

    […] David Bowie THE NEXT DAY Cele 42 de cuvinte sunt descrierea făcut de D.B., după ce a tras lumea de el să zică ceva despre noua sa producție. effigies indulgences anarchist violence chthonic intimidation vampyric pantheon succubus hostage transference identity mauer interface flitting isolation revenge osmosis crusade tyrant domination indifference miasma pressgang displaced flight resettlement funereal glide trace balkan burial reverse manipulate origin text traitor urban comeuppance tragic nerve mystification […]

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