i want love

12 April 2011

elton john | songs from the west coast | 2001

zice elton john: i wanted to do a video that was mature. and [director] sam taylor-wood said, “i’ve got an idea of just doing it very simply, one person, not you, lip-syncing to the song. an actor, maybe.” i came up with the idea of robert. i thought, “god, the lyrics are very close to home. i wonder if he’ll do it?” he was very interested. it all came together in five or six days. we sent him the album, and he said, “yes.” i’m thrilled with it. i don’t necessarily think an artist has to be in a video. on the other singles that we do videos for, i’m going to ask people that don’t normally make videos to interpret the songs, whether they use me or not. this one worked perfect, because i was able to stay in france on holiday while robert was doing it. i love the fact that it is a one-shot video. he did 16 takes. they used the very last take because he was completely relaxed by then. … it’s so pertinent to what he’s going through, and the way he underplays it is fantastic. [california love, MTV interview, 2001]

 i want love

but it’s impossible
a man like me

so irresponsible
a man like me is dead in places
other men feel liberated
i can’t love

shot full of holes
don’t feel nothing

i just feel cold
don’t feel nothing

just old scars
toughening up around my heart
but i want love

just a different kind
i want love

won’t break me down
won’t brick me up

won’t fence me in
i want a love

that don’t mean a thing
that’s the love i want

i want love
i want love on my own terms
after everything i’ve ever learned

i carry too much baggage
oh man i’ve seen so much traffic
so bring it on

i’ve been bruised
don’t give me love that’s clean and smooth
i’m ready for the rougher stuff
no sweet romance

i’ve had enough


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Your tuppence

  1. Mirela Baron / 14 April 2011 14:52

    Sensibil si foarte credibil video-clipul 🙂 ! Mersi


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